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Accurate Wear Particle Characterization

What we offer

  • One Sophisticated Purification Protocol

  • Choice of Six Different Characterization Options

  • Detailed Particle Characterization by Shape, Volume, Chemical Composition

  • Classification According to ASTM and/or ISO

SOPHISTICATED PURIFICATION PROTOCOL - We developed a new purification/isolation protocol that does not require filtration. The particles are deposited directly onto ultra-smooth, high contrast wafers during the density gradient purification. This provides recovery of virtually all of the particles in the sample, including those as small as few nanometers, and excellent dispersion for accurate elemental analysis and morphological characterization using SEM, STEM and EDS. The protocol is highly flexible and can be applied to a variety of materials: UHMWPE, PEEK, Al2O3, DLC, CoCr, Ti6Al4V and others. Since it is based on density gradient centrifugation, there is virtually no limit to the type of material that can be isolated. In addition, particles of several different materials can be separated simultaneously from a single sample, providing they have different densities. Furthermore, the method has been optimized also for synovial fluid and tissues.

If you need to send us a sample
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